December, 2020

Written and Photographed by Melissa Merritt

We’re calling this collection TOGETHER because we are showcasing our work together and for so many other reasons. Together because our work is connected through our need to create and express what cannot be expressed in words alone. Together in our desire to interact with materials and the physical world, whether it be silver, steel, wood, clay, fiber, soap or paint. Together in our commitment to our craft, to honing our skills and perfecting our techniques. Together in helping each other navigate a market and world that is in constant flux. Together in creating a moment of quiet contemplation for ourselves and others. Together in our appreciation for the handmade, for the human made.

Featuring the artwork of Melissa Merritt (Paintings), Mardi Meshejian (Knives), ModTribe Design (Home Goods), Laura Yeats (Wood Bowls and Trays) Carolyn Lobeck (Ceramics), Elaine Massad (Soap and Spa Products), Brooke Harper (Masks and Apparel), Jennifer Glenn (Jewelry)

It is a pleasure to eat olives from a hand thrown bowl that was made with precision and grace- a marvel of color and form. It is a pleasure to pile pistachios in a bowl that honors the life of the tree and emphasizes the beauty of all of its scars. It is a pleasure to chop vegetables with an elegant and ergonomic tool made for a human by a human. Artists help us find the extraordinary in the ordinary and to remember that life is a pleasure.
Notice the subtle texture and form of the soap as you lather your hands. Cradle your teacup and feel its warmth. Admire the delicately painted design that adorns its surface. Touch your hand wrought jewelry and recognize the dedication to craft that is the maker’s life. Support local artists and live with beauty and intention.
Cups and bowls filled with cocoa and cookies. Cuddle up by the fire and make time to be warm and cozy.
Clean lines, exquisite surface design and crisp clarity of purpose describe these makers and their wares perfectly. Pour yourself some cool water or green tea and slice a crisp green apple to start your day today.
Wash your hands. Wear your mask and when you get home, it’s spa night.
Arrange your pomegranates in a hand turned bowl harvested from a locally fallen tree. A tree whose life seemed to be over until an artist gave it a new existence. Pick up your paring knife and marvel at all the layers of steel, feel the way it fits perfectly in your hand. Score your pomegranate and crack it open. Place it on a plate that has been carved into a perfect flower. Share your pomegranate with a friend and eat it slowly. Appreciate the beauty that is all around you and support the artists that make the world a more beautiful place.
Take time. Artists take time to perfect their craft, to hone their skills and to clarify their vision. Spending time with their creations encourages us to do the same. Take time for a hot bath with gentle lavender soap. Take time to wrap yourself in soft fabric that has been thoughtfully printed with beautiful designs. Take time to admire a wooden dish that is the perfect place to artfully arrange your treasures. Take time to sip a beer from a beautifully crafted pint cup. Take time to appreciate beauty. Take time for yourself.
A handmade cake stand and a hand forged knife become modern heirlooms when they are cherished, cared for and placed in the context of celebration. However you choose to spend your holiday, remember to enjoy the beauty that is all around you and cherish it.
The glow of Datura and iridescent pearls, honey oatmeal soap and honeycomb cups. These artists take inspiration from the natural world. Go outside and find something beautiful.