MAY 01 -through- MAY 31

Twenty-two New Mexico artists who traditionally work in color were invited to create something new for ARTICO’s first group show.  BLACK+WHITE visually unifies this diverse collection of artists creating original fine art to limited production craft in a wide range of media. 

All artwork is available for purchase. Artwork sales benefit these artists as well as organizations selected by the artists to receive charitable contributions including: ARTICO, The Food Depot, Youth Shelter and Family Services, The Middle Way Horse Sanctuary, Interfaith Community Shelter at Pete’s Place, Diversity in Aquatics, and the New Mexico Wildlife Center.

Artwork sales are final and will be promptly shipped with the exception of custom-made items that require three weeks for delivery: Brooke Harper’s Apparel and Griffith Evan’s Jewelry. If your shipping address is in the Santa Fe/Albuquerque region, you will be contacted by the artist to see if local pick-up can be arranged.




Carolyn is drawn to simple, classic forms that hold relevance and interest throughout the ages. For Black + White she decided to focus on her own interpretation of a water jug, its round smooth form offering a lovely canvas on which to display a repetitive geometric design starkly contrasted in black and white glazes.


Mason is currently a resident artist at Green River Pottery in Santa Fe, NM. He transforms clay into distinct functional and sculptural forms utilizing wheel-throwing, coil-building and casting methods. Originally intended as an exercise in anatomical study, Mason’s miniature skulls soon became part of his creative identity. Well over one-hundred have been produced, each one distinctly different from the last. Featured here is a pair of two, light and dark.


Molly was raised in Amherst, Massachusetts, where she began making pottery in high school. In 2019, she obtained her degree in ceramics from Bennington College in Bennington, Vermont. Molly currently resides in Santa Fe where she is a resident at Green River Pottery.



Inspired by nature, Carla creates one-of-a-kind jewelry using precious metal, resin, and mixed media. For the Black & White exhibit she explores various processes and materials, contrasts silver with oxidized silver, combines black resin with precious metal and applies pattern ink drawings in resin or to the surface of the material known as scrimshaw.


Donald has been making jewelry since 1989. He worked in New York City as a model maker and prototype designer and maker. Today he is a freelance jeweler providing service for local jewelers as well as producing his own creations in Santa Fe.


Emanuela Aureli makes bold contemporary jewelry in sterling silver, copper, brass and occasional gold, her work is inspired by open spaces and industrial landscapes as she infuses her work with both. Minimal shapes and color is a characteristic of her jewelry work, but the enjoys exploring ‘restrictions’ of design and the Black+White theme was perfect match to the challenge. Here are some pieces out of her monochromatic explorations, jewelry to wear with that touch of different, simple strong shapes for confident everyday statements in self-expression.


Griffith creates jewelry from New Mexico trees decimated by drought. After studying the furniture making techniques of bent lamination and steam bending, he was able to scale down the processes for jewelry making. His work is inspired by early African jewelry and curvilinear wood furniture.


Jack started creating jewelry in 2008. During a 7 year period of self learning he practiced the techniques of binding and weaving precious metals, exploring what was possible to create using almost no tools. At that time, he says, “I became captivated by the level of focus and precision this process demanded, and the intricate layered textures that it could produce in a finished piece”.


Karen hand fabricates jewelry with designs based on ancient and ethnic pieces. Sacred symbols and healing natural stones are woven together to create each unique piece of jewelry.



Mardi is a bladesmith in Santa Fe, NM. He creates fine kitchen cutlery, folding knives and sculptural art knives. His interest lies in innovation with both materials and design.



Elaine Massad is the proprietor of Haven Scent Handcrafted Soap and Bath in Santa Fe, NM. She makes soaps, lotions and other skin care products that emphasize natural ingredients, herbs and local fragrance.



Brooke is the proprietor of Brooke & Adelyn Microbatch Textile & Apparel Design in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Slow fashion using hemp blend fabrics with block printed design.


Caline harnesses silence and rides the stillness through dream and memory stitching into it colors and textures discovered along the way. To see Caline’s work is to be carried into her world as she creates it; at once deliberate and impeccable as well as deeply intuitive and utterly whimsical.


Rae is mixed-media textile artist with an intention to uplift and expand the spirit of the observer.  Rae utilizes only natural fibers in her loom-work, preferring their textural and tonal variations to create shapes that flow and carry your eye and mind from place to place.  Paula Rae commonly incorporates gemstones to accentuate the spiritual themes and healing potential of her work. Rae also works under the moniker Aulinha Wailani.


Peggy normally does social-practice work, often pieces or processes that take place in public venues. But she liked the challenge of this project with ARTICO because it had a deadline (she loves those), it was a project of a very different sort for her, and it allowed her to delve into a process—crocheting–which she’s loved since she was a child.



Doug builds furniture and objects that are elegant and imaginative, sophisticated yet approachable. His work for this show combines fine woodworking techniques with burning and bleaching processes that highlight the underlying structure and texture of the wood. His goal is to sensitively transform each surface, pushing the materials to the limit of what is possible.


Laura relies on the fallen and salvaged trees she gathers regionally to create one of kind utilitarian bowls and sculptural forms. For this show, Laura explored and combined two disparate methods: whitening – a bleaching process that involves numerous treatments over many days and blackening – a burning process that is both instantaneous and irrecoverable.



AnaMaria creates fine art work in the printmaking mediums depicting New Mexico landscape through the mediums of etchings, oil base monotypes, collagraphs, linocuts and other drawing mediums.


Caroline Hinkley is a photographer and recently retired Associate Professor in the Film and Digital Arts Department, University of New Mexico. She is a transdisciplinary academic and artist, holding a BA in Philosophy and two MFAs. Her latest work has emerged from recent trips to Iceland and the Norwegian Arctic (Svalbard) and northern Russia where ideas of ephemerality, loss and impermanence arise in icy and oceanic landscapes.


Janice Wall is an experimental mono-printmaker whose work has expanded to include mixed media installations. Wall employs an activating aesthetic in her focus on social injustices and the repeating devastation of human habitats. Her current work incorporates written principles in our Constitution and reflects on the betrayal of these words reported in the daily news.


A passion for folding paper and an affinity for the repeated patterns and geometric forms of origami designs serve as the inspiration for Kirstin F. Mitchell’s drawings, paintings, and jewelry designs. The desire to showcase a variety of origami birds (beyond the ubiquitous crane), a strong emotional connection to the avian species, and dreams of flying were the creative impulses behind these particular black and white images


Melissa Merritt is a watercolor artist and illustrator in Santa Fe, NM. She is inspired by the colors and textures of nature and her affinity for plants allows an unconventional perspective that shapes her compositions.