Black & White Graffiti Earrings #3


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Bold black and white silver earrings.  Super simple and super light to wear, this pair in a series of one of a kind black and white graffiti earrings make you ready for spring in contemporary style and exuberant confidence.

Sterling silver, hand-stained black patina on sterling, sterling silver ear wires;  finished with a matte, scratched finish and sealed with acrylic medium for protection; signed and numbered on the back with initials and year.

Dimensions: 2.75” x 0.50”


Emanuela Aureli makes bold contemporary jewelry in sterling silver, copper, brass and occasional gold, her work is inspired by open spaces and industrial landscapes as she infuses her work with both. Minimal shapes and color is a characteristic of her jewelry work, but the enjoys exploring ‘restrictions’ of design and the Black+White theme was perfect match to the challenge. Here are some pieces out of her monochromatic explorations, jewelry to wear with that touch of different, simple strong shapes for confident everyday statements in self-expression.