Industrial – Dispersion


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Layered Paper Monoprint
10” x 10” x 2”

In Wall’s exploration of early industrial buildings, she encounters surfaces that record the
action of natural elements and the passage of time – wabi sabi, beauty in the evidence
of impermanence. Along with the rich vestiges of time and the elements are the signs of
human industry – greasy spills soiling the depleted earth, air laden with fumes and choking


Janice Wall is an experimental mono-printmaker whose work has expanded to include mixed
media installations. Wall employs an activating aesthetic in her focus on social injustices and
the repeating devastation of human habitats. Her current work incorporates written principles
in our Constitution and reflects on the betrayal of these words reported in the daily news.
Recently, Wall’s work has been shown at AHHA in Tulsa in “Together/Apart,” at Redline
Contemporary Art Center In Denver in ”Rethinking Urbanism,” and her “Industrial Triptych
was shown at the Art Complex Museum in Massachusetts. Visit her website at