Many Moons


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“MANY MOONS” – TAPESTRY WEAVING incorporates natural wool, cotton, hemp, and leather through the loom, supported by salvaged driftwood, embellished with Sterling Silver, Moonstone, Pearls, and vintage Czechoslovakian beads. This weaving offers a vision for the observer of a larger galaxy, a safe space to explore the idea of more planets, more stars, more life, more energy beyond the universe we call home. Intentional and precise hand-weaving techniques that allow for the flowing, curving lines and texture visible throughout are a hallmark of Paula Rae’s work and make each piece particularly unique with their challenge.

Dimensions: 19 inches W X 29 inches H


Rae is mixed-media textile artist with an intention to uplift and expand the spirit of the observer.  Rae utilizes only natural fibers in her loom-work, preferring their textural and tonal variations to create shapes that flow and carry your eye and mind from place to place.  Paula Rae commonly incorporates gemstones to accentuate the spiritual themes and healing potential of her work. Rae also works under the moniker Aulinha Wailani.