Pendant Necklace


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A pendant made with greyed sycamore wood with a black terra sigillata porcelain bead. Rubber tubing encases the 18” braided steel neck wire.

The pendant measures approximately 2⅜” H x 1½” W. One piece over the head design for hassle-free wear.

Anticipate about 3 weeks for delivery as this piece is custom made for you.  Please expect slight variations in the wood grain pattern and color. This sycamore tree was cut in someone’s front yard in southeast Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Griffith Evans creates jewelry from New Mexico trees decimated by drought. Climate change, in the form of rising temperatures and reduced snowpack, has provided the materials for his artistic practice. By repurposing dying trees, he celebrate their beauty while calling attention to their plight. After studying the furniture making techniques of bent lamination and steam bending, Griffith was able to scale down the processes for jewelry making. His work is inspired by early African jewelry and curvilinear wood furniture.