Philosophers’ Ship and Lenin Waving 1922


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13” x 19” Epson Velvet matte paper, inkjet print, unmounted

Image 6 (of eight) is the beginning of a body of work that encompasses themes of imaginative geographies particularly of The North, Ultima Thule; Rene Daumal’s surrealistic and fantastical depiction and impossible journey to a mountain, Mt. Analogue. Within these categories of imaginary geographies are issues of banishment, exile, and fantasies of escape. All of these images are inspired by travel in 2017 on a Barkentine sailing ship to the Norwegian Arctic and of prior explorations to the Russian north. Several images refer to the 1922 banishment of the Russian intelligentsia by Lenin, purged from their homeland aboard a German steamer, the Oberburgermeister Haken, which left Russia bereft of its intellectual and spiritual essence.


Caroline Hinkley is a photographer and recently retired Associate Professor in the Film and Digital Arts Department, University of New Mexico. She is a transdisciplinary academic and artist, holding a BA in Philosophy and two MFAs. Over a period of twenty years, Caroline has made multiple treks to Tibet, Zanskar, Ladakh and Mustang to photograph the remote and sacred landscapes of the Buddhist Himalaya. Her latest work has emerged from recent trips to Iceland and the Norwegian Arctic (Svalbard) and northern Russia where ideas of ephemerality, loss and impermanence arise in icy and oceanic landscapes.