Striped 9” Utility Knife


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This is a Striped 9” Utility Knife that is also suitable for the kitchen.  Mardi created a Damascus blade of approximately 300 layers of 1080 and 15N20 carbon steel.  For the handle and sheath Mardi laminated Ebony and Holly to create the striped pattern. The guard is textured sterling silver.

When caring for carbon steel knives it is important to hand wash and dry thoroughly.

Blade: Damascus 1080 & 15N20 carbon steel
Handle: Laminated Ebony & Holly
Sheath: Laminated Ebony & Holly
Overall length: 9”
Blade Length: 3 ½”
Guard & pin: Sterling Silver

Mardi is a bladesmith in Santa Fe, NM. He creates fine kitchen cutlery, folding knives and sculptural art knives. His interest lies in innovation with both materials and design.